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Phil Upchurch

Phil Upchurch (born 1941, Chicago, Illinois) is an American jazz and R&B guitarist and bassist, who worked with Curtis Mayfield, B.B. King, Dizzy Gillespie,, John Lee Hooker, Grover Washington, Jr., Cannonball Adderley, Ramsey Lewis, Quincy Jones, Cat Stevens and Michael Jackson - to name just a few, he was and is also a solo artist...

The following video of "Darkness Darkness" is not available at least in germany - for Firefox use YouTubeUnblocker or ProxTube,   for Chrome Unblocker


Dessa is the stage name of Margret Wander, a singer from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Besides her solo career as singer and writer she is known as a member of the indie hip hop collective Doomtree.

Listen to her albums from bandcamp, find find a lot of downloads from her labels (Doomtree Recordssoundcloud activity


Deela (brainchild of Ingo Moell, DJ and producer from Germany) is the organic groove of a real live band, incorporating styles like Funk, HipHop, Jazz, Afrobeat or Latin. This makes for a culturally diverse „world music” that covers a range from downtempo excursions to dancefloor-directed scorchers....

Listen to Deela (and the Switchstand-relatives) at bandcamp, some free downloads from soundcloud

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Flevans is the stage name of Nigel Evans (born 1978 in Brighton) also known as Mooch a British electronic musician and DJ, singed to Tru Thoughts
Listen and find (few) downloads from soundcloud, discography and a huge playlist here

Sunday, April 21, 2013


"Short & Sweet" is the debut EP from the UK-based beatmaker/producer known as TrickJazz. It contains 4 captivating instrumental hip-hop tracks made on MPC with tasty jazzy samples in oldschool manner

Very cool and lazy sounds... listen at soundcloud, free download from dustedwax

Cee-Roo News

For more infos see first post here...

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Console is an electronic music project by Martin Gretschmann alias Acid Pauli electronic music at it's best

Acid Pauli Remixes

Acid Pauli (real name Martin Gretschmann) is a bavarian musican (Bavaria is the main, the best and  the richest part of Germany with the best looking, best educated and absolutely stylish people [but only according to aboriginal bavarians, thats for sure...]  and he's member of the indie rock band The Notwist - one more sideproject is called Console

.....turn a sad song in happiness


ADANA TWINS are a DJ team from Hamburg, Germany - cheering up the partycrowd throughout Europe with deep and adrenalizing sets.

Listen at soundcloud and grab some downloads -  upcoming events at Resident Advisor

Der Dritte Raum

Der Dritte Raum is a techno-project of Andreas Krüger from Berlin, Germany- listen to a track remixed by Acid Pauli  


Painè (alias: DJ Massive; real Name: Minù Painè Cuadrelli) is a music producer, sound designer and Dj from Milano, Italy - he released music for Temposphere Records, remixes for Tru-Thoughts, Switchstance -
Future Jazz, Breaks, Jazzdance and Downtempo

Listen at soundcloud (with some downloads), discography from discogs


BadBadNotGood (stylized as BADBADNOTGOOD, abbreviated as BBNG) is a post-bop, instrumental hip hop jazz trio from Toronto, Ontario, known for their interpretations of hip hop tracks ( e.g. A Tribe Called Quest, Waka Flocka Flame and several tracks from Odd Future) and their collaborations with Tyler, The Creator and Frank Ocean

Free download of their two studioalbums, two live-albums and EP's from bandcamp

Friday, April 19, 2013

Qiwu "The Qiwu Selftet"

Producer and self-acclaimed ‘selftet’ Qiwu is a French beatmaker based in Rennes, strongly influenced by Jazz, Electronic music and 90’s Hip Hop leading into sample-based abstract jazz hip hop

Free download of his album Travelling Arrière - more tracks from soundcloud (new album anounced May 2013)

Good Stuff for Free - The French Touch Connection

The French Touch Connection is a set of beatmakers from Argentina, Greece, England, Canada, France, Germany, United States, Belgium and Switzerland who came to connect each other. 
All with a different style, so we can find the atmosphere of old dusty vinyl, forgotten in our cellars...  

Check out bandcamp for more info, Free download - link for 24-track album from facebook or here (See also my first post of TFTC - here)

Microsillon cover art01 Frenic - Route National To Paris  02 Fred Yaddaden - Illusions
03 Gabz ( Le Gouffre ) - Les Gosses De Panam    04 Kognitif - French Cancan
05 Mani De+ψz - Many Days           06 Neemah - Poems
07 Gadget - Poverty                           08 ProleteR - Nothing At All
09 Soade - The Panda Club              10 Es-K - Keep It Real
11 Rhythum - Au Nom De L'amour 12 Erik Jackson & Mr Moods - Nuits De Vins  

13 Kill Emil - Abanico                     14 Darkside & Reple 369 - Paris Nous Appartient
15 Milka - Macrobeat                     16 Roger Molls - The Phonograph ( instr.)
17 Medl4 - Post Arrival                  18 Mr Moods - The Time Is Gone
19 Paw Cut - Repeater                     20 Oldy Clap Recordz - Has Been
21 SmokedBeat - Le Chateau Dans Le Ciel      22 Diabi - Le Melomane
23 Nestor K+σa - L'Ami                   24 Billa Qause - More Than You Know


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pied Piper - Mean Fiddler

Pied Piper (aliases/variations: DJPP, Mean Fiddler, Count Funkula, Don Hyde) is a DJ/producer and turntablist - famous for his dancefloor suitable (and earwig like) remixes of both well known and broadly unknown or underrated classics with his PP-special vibrant sound .....

Take a look to his blog djpiedpiper for an unbeliveable amount of tracks and an also unbelievable quantity of free downloads:  he's also present (including more downloads) at soundcloud: PiedPiper and  MeanFiddler

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mr. Confuse II

Two more tracks from Hannover (Germany) based  producer and DJ Mr. Confuse --> see also post The Remixes (dl-link) and first post here

DJ Suspect

DJ Suspect from Paris, France - his dj sets are coloured of Deep Funk, Afrobeat, Tasty Breaks, Hip Hop, Futuristic Jazz, Broken and all kinds of groove.

Listen and find free downloads at  soundcloud

Monday, April 15, 2013


Six Degrees Records is an independent record label noted for its catalog of recordings from international musicians and vocalists. It has been described  as "one of the most groundbreaking labels of the past decade."
A few artists (selected by me ) who are or have been signed to SDR:  Alice Russell, Banco de Gaia, Bebel Gilberto, Cheb i Sabbah, DJ Cam, DJ Spooky. Issa Bagayogo, Karsh Kale, Michael Franti & Spearhead, MIDIval Punditz, Natacha Atlas, Niyaz, Rob Swift....

 Highly recommended (to buy):

Nearly complete discography from discogs, free downloads from bandcamp, soundcloud and last but not least from

Geoffrey Oryema

Geoffrey Oryema (born 1953) is an internationally renowned Ugandan musician who has collaborated and performed with, amongst others, Peter Gabriel   and 1 Giant Leap  - and there's something he's got to tell...

 Take a look to his website...

Sunday, April 14, 2013


 Maria do Céu Whitaker Poça known as Ceu  ( born in São Paulo1980 ) is a Brazilian singer-songwriter whose first American album was released on the Six Degrees Records label in April 2007.

Her songs reveal her many influences, which include samba, valsa, choro, soul, rhythm and blues, hip hop, afrobeat and electrojazz

Find free downloads from soundcloud....

Yuri Petrov$ki

Yuri Petrov$ki- DJ and producer, cool sounds from Uman, Ukraine

Listen and grab some downloads from soundcloud



Parker- DJ/ Producer/ Monkey Butler, Bristol, Britain (UK)  [see also first post here]
Many free downloads from soundcloud and also from parkerbeats


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Krystian Shek

Krystian Shek (Christian Schek aka The Adventist, Molecule, Twisted System) is a producer and turntablist from Frankfurt, Germany who released his first album in 2003, currently Cold Busted - House, IDM, Downtempo, Electronica, Ambient

Discography from discogs, listen and find a lot of dowmloads from soundcloud 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Disco Tech Edits

Disco Tech Edits is Nick, a Dj/Producer from Stockholm / Sweden - oldies in a cool new dress...

Listen to some tracks at bandcamp and more at soundcloud

Good Stuff for Free - Cult Classic Records

Cult Classic Records is a new label launched by Bob42jh and Thomas Prime to bring you the freshest talent from around the world in  hip-hop/rap instrumental jazz jazzy hip hop lounge trip-hop ambient beats (from bandcamp)

FREE DOWNLOAD - full catalog expands 22! full legth albums all free (or name your price) 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Headson Groove

Sotiris Mayo Egolfopoulos, a.k.a. Headson Groove, was born in Greece in 1978, now Montreal, Canada.

His debut album EP "Vitsiozi" released in 2007 by Timewarp Music combines downtempo grooves, funky sounds, wah guitars and electronic beats and has also remixed artists like Timewarp inc., Basement Freaks, Geriba and Noetic Nega... (visit his website)

Listen and grab some downloads from soundcloud


Supermax were founded 1976 by Kurt Hauenstein (1949 -2011, Vienna, Austria).

Besides their great musical influence Supermax is named to be the first multiracial band to tour South Africa. Despite near constant death threats, they played 21 shows causing quite a political scene... (from discogs were you also find the nearly complete discography)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Faux Metier Records

Faux Metier Records from Cokioco, French Guiana, are an artist-less label; meaning they don't promote the artist, producer, remixer or other - keeping the music firmly in the hands of the DJ

Stream their releases from soundcloud, listen to each single track at Juno Records (where you can also buy them)

Start first time at 5:25 - the track is Agent 002

or jump to this adress: Juno-Player

Monday, April 8, 2013

Ray Harris & The Fusion Experience

Ray Harris & The Fusion Experience - dancefloor jazz from Glasgow: Raymond Harris is a talented keyboardist from Glasgow who successfully manages to blend dancefloor jazz with latin vibes, a touch of funk & soul, and Brazilian sounds coming directly from the 60’s and 70’s (from recordkicks)

Listen here and from recordkicks

"Scaramunga" is the one track to be remixed...just a few to listen here:

MrConfuse - The Remixes

Mr. Confuse delivers a full length Remix-Album of “Do You Realize” with a stunning roster of international remixers who each had their personal take on one of the tracks from the album. The result is a diversified bag full of dance floor goodies, ranging from Electro Funk to Ghetto Funk, from Electronic Bossa to Funky Breaks and Jazzy Breakbeat (from

(Support the artist - but if the free downloads of an artist are limited by soundcloud you can be helped e.g.with  clouddownloader)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Jalal & The Last Poets

Jalal (Jalaluddin Mansur Nuriddin, NY, 1944 aka Lightnin' Rod) the self-proclaimed "Grandfather of Rap" is one of the founding members of The Last Poets (formed in Harlem in 1968)
his solo projects are produced by Adrian Sherwood and Skip McDonald

Listen to Jalal's solo projects here, all albums of The Last Poets you'll find here 




Rodrigo Ulson a.k.a. Trotter is a Brazilian producer and remixer  - tropical vibes and powerful beats combined with nujazz, funk, groove and disco

Listen at MyFreeMusic and at soundcloud with some free downloads

Umbo & Balatz

Mario Lovakovic aka Umbo is a musician, producer and remixer from Germany, now based in Croatia where he and percussionist Balatz started their collaboration while playing in the 'Dogo Argentino' band -
funky and afro house, break beat and electro sounds, downtempo and dub grooves 

Listen to their music at timewarpmusic or at MyFreeGroove and grab some free downloads from soundcloud

Fat Freddy's Drop

Fat Freddy’s Drop is a New Zealand seven-piece band from Wellington, whose musical style has been characterised as any combination of dub, reggae, soul, jazz, rhythm and blues, and techno (?) - a new (third) studio album will drop in 2013 

Take a look to their website and listen there to RadioFFD! - and there's also a site called FFD TV

Free downloads of  Fat Electric Drop EP and Silver and Gold single , many songs at soundcloud


The facts I know about  Gamith : Label JSJ Records ; at least one single release:  Don't Change Me / Darkness ; release date:1968-1977 ; Country:US

Do You have A Clue?

Friday, April 5, 2013

Uptown Funk Empire

After Metropolitan Jazz Affair, The Dynamics, Mr. Day, Patchworks and Mr President Uptown Funk Empire  is Bruno « Patchworks» Hovart's  latest tribute to the Funk

Listen and find some downloads from soundcloud, sorted by album and many tracks with video-links here


San Francisco-based duo Waterjuice (Cyril Kollock and Bruce Tupling):  combining organic instrumentation with trance effects, mixing guitars and downtempo beats - juicy electro chills, very trippy and well built..

Listen to their albums (with nearly all tracks linked to youtube-videos) at MyFreeSound



Thursday, April 4, 2013

Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts

Guillaume Coutu Dumont is an electronic musician from Montreal, Canada, who is currently based in Berlin, Germany -  in his music, he is stitching together the disparate threads of jazz, funk, traditional West African music with European house and techno
All songs (all linked with youtube-videos) you'll find at the very special site MyFreeSound


Koom.H is a Sicilian project manned by DJ’s Salvo Borrelli and Massimo Napoli, resident DJ at Mercati Generali in Catania, with die-hard producer Salvo Dub. Working together, they unify their different musical origins giving life to an original techno jazz style...
For more info and dicography take a look at ishtar-modern sounds from italy

All songs (linked with youtube-videos) you'll find at the very special site MyFreeSound


COLD BUSTED was started in 2008 by Dj Vitamin D - he wanted to provide an additional outlet for both known and unknown artists in  Funk/Soul, Trip Hop, and Instrumental Hip Hop

Highly recommended: Register on COLD BUSTED  to download tons of FREE content...

FREE download (after registration) of the twelfth in a series of free releases

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

DJ Valique

DJ Valique from Moscow, Russia - deep house/nu-jazz/funk/soul/disco/breaks and many more styles

Listen to snippets of his full CD album's ''R.A.W. (Russians at work)'', released by Freestyle Records, and "R.A.W. Mixed"  as well as several re-works for well-known artists at soundcloud

Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentino from Osijek, Croatia - breaks electronica funk nu disco 
Their powerful first album  Diskonautik was edited in a huge remix project (initiated by their label timewarp music ) by many famous artists e.g. Zamali, Jayl Funk, Afternoons in Stereo and Atfunk to name a few


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Bahama Soul Club REMIXED

13 Top producers, DJs and artists from all around the world worked their magic on a few BAHAMA tracks from the stunning album "BOSSA NOVA JUST SMELLS FUNKY" -  a bright collection of Latin, House, Reggae, Funk & Soul with a thoroughly modern take on Dancefloor Jazz (from bandcamp - Buyu-Records)

Listen to all tracks (and buy the album, possibly) from bandcamp



Funktomas is producer and dj Thomas Schmiegel from Hamburg, Germany 

Listen at soundcloud


Slynk is DJ and Producer Evan Chandler from Brisbane, Australia, most known for his funky-hiphop-bootleg-b-boy-breaks style

A lot of free downloads from soundcloud and from his website

Monday, April 1, 2013

DJ Fede

Torino's Dj Fede (Federico Grazziottin) is one of the most respected DJs and producers of the italian black music scene. In the last tree decades he has produced over 30 albums and compilations such as "Deep Funk Theory", "The Incredible Sound Of Deep Funk" and "Cosmic Jazz".

Buy new limited edition 45 from bandcamp, take a look to his website and his online-radio

Good Stuff for Free X - Ogi Feel The Beat

Ogi feel the Beat is the beatsmith and producer Oleg Brnic from Paracin, Serbia. You can listen to his

insane music energy at   10 (!)   full length albums as FREE DOWNLOAD  from bandcamp, even more

tracks from soundcloud and his latest EP-release "Lately" on Dusted Wax Kingdom


Super Spanish Combo

Super Spanish Combo, formed in 2010, coming from Barcelona, mixing up Cumbia, Calypso, Salsa and Son with hip hop and funk in a very special way - this is the Sound of the Streets in Barcelona 

Visit their  website (in spanish), free download of  LLego el Combo from bandcamp