Thursday, February 28, 2013


Edison is a San Francisco producer, rapper, engineer and just about anything else you can imagine and All The Information At Hand is one in a string of his recent instrumental releases.....

You'll find all releases at bandcamp

 ( Thanx to The Prophet who brought me to this one :))

Sola Rosa II

New Zealand based collective Sola Rosa  has grown from a national treasure into an act of truly international reputea (view first post here) - with a catch-all sound encompassing the best of hip hop, reggae, jazz, latin, soul and funk, thus all six of Sola Rosa's critically acclaimed albums are a potent distillation of the music that's influenced them....

Record Kicks 10th anniversary

Record Kicks 10th anniversary! From deep funk to (northern) soul, afrobeat, dancefloor jazz and rocksteady -
Listen to the 21-track album and maybe we  Support the artists (I bought it -7,99€ and that's worth it, hey...)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Good Stuff for Free VIII (

MONKEYBOXING.COM presents Filthy Rhythm, Dirty Soul - a selection of the biggest FUNK, SOUL, HIP-HOP, PARTY BREAKS, and REGGAE bangers - plus a number of unbelievably hot exclusives and rarities

 Filthy Rhythm Dirty Soul Vol. 1Filthy Rhythm, Dirty Soul Vol. 1Filthy Rhythm, Dirty Soul Vol. 3

   Free download from MONKEYBOXING.COM

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Goo aka Le Gooster

Goo aka Le Gooster, a European turntablist from Switzerland - between reggae and jazz, dub-inflected funk, breakbeat, lazy beats ... and always abstraction.

Free download

The Bahama Soul Club ft. John Turrell

Free download


Ugress is the main project of prolific electronic musician Gisle Martens Meyer (GMM) from Bergen, Norway - a "dirty" style of cinematic beats and funky grooves with sci-fi electronica

A lot free downloads available: take a look to his website with a list of free EPs, albums and tracks or download from bandcamp  (see discography for albums)

Monday, February 25, 2013


 Fdel is mainly Kaz Hamilton, a Dj/Producer from Perth, Western Australia - his debut Audiofdelity became a “must have” record for all DJ’s and lovers of funky beats and fun loving hip hop grooves

Take a look to his website, grab some downloads from soundcloud

Paul McCartney

Listen to two outstanding songs from McCartney II, the third solo studio album by Paul McCartney - released in 1980 the album is a significant departure for McCartney


Sunday, February 24, 2013

C-Mon & Kypski

C-Mon & Kypski are Simon Akkermans (C-Mon) and Dutch Thomas Elbers (Kypski) with Daniel Rose on guitars and Jori Collignon on keyboards.

The band’s sound – a blend of hip-hop, funk and jazz – has wowed critics in Europe and all over the world

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Good Stuff for Free VII (Riddim Fruit Records 2!)

 Cloud watching 2 has landed! 

Cloud Watching Volume 2 cover art

1.The Allergies - Sun Clap 03:36               
2.Cut La Vis - Think Back 04:07  
3.Roast Beatz - After The Dust Settles 03:42      
4.Kill Emil - Soul Perception 03:29                           
5.Frenic - Dont Feel Bad 04:30                  
6.Mr Lexicon - Wu Steez 03:26                 
7.Kromozone - 90s 02:59                            
8.Rackabeat & Bar-Low - Just Wanna Love You 03:46                    
9.Skiitour - Runnin 04:46             
10.Kalamari Beats - Let It Be 04:14

Support the artists - name your price ( e.g. from 0 - 15 €) -->  Free download possible

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Natacha Atlas

Natacha Atlas (born 1964) is a Belgian singer with "arabic" (very generalized)  parents,  known for her fusion of Arabic and Western electronic music - her career started as part of the world fusion group Transglobal Underground and she also worked with Jah Wobble before she became a world wide known solo-artist

The song Batkalim ("We will see") is inspired by the news from Tahrir Square, Egypt 2011 - by interest you'll find a translation here

Soul Keita

Soul Keita - a young musician from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - met Nicolas Jaar, Nikita Quasim joined, they shared music interests and Clown & Sunset’s first two records were a series of EPs entitled Sunset of a Clown

Just listen and enjoy!

Poldoore News

Stream both tracks from the forthcoming Poldoore release titled "Nothing Left To Say"


Wildcookie are Freddie Cruger (aka Red Astaire) and Anthony Mills -   listen to their only release
"Cookie Dough" from 2011 at soundcloud


BMD (a.k.a. BluntMaster Dred) born 1979 as Michal Borczon in Poland, now living in Gdynia (Poland)  is a nu funk, big beats and funky breaks dj, a music producer and party promoter, signed to the Greek funky label Timewarp Music.
Pick up some downloads from soundcloud


Monday, February 18, 2013

Federico Aubele

Federico Aubele (born 1974 in Buenos Aires, now Brooklyn, NY) is an Argentine singer-songwriter whose music blends a variety of genres and styles including latin, electronic and dub - mainly produced by Thievery Corporation (see ESL Music)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Empresarios

The Empresarios are a five-headed band from Washington DC ( Fort Knox Recordings)  - from Latin to downtempo, from dub and house to trip-hop and reggae...

Find some free downloads at their website , also from soundcloud


Hippo - Enrique Figueredo, born in Venezuela now New Mexico-based - is a  producer and artist of great funky laidback hip-hop sounds - highly recommended

 Free download of  "FatherFunkMotherSalsaSonFlava" (23-track album)

Free download of " Rarities & Unreleased Beats" (11-track album)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Spy from Cairo

The Spy from Cairo formerly known as Zeb is DJ and multi-instrumentalist Moreno Visini, born in Italy in 1969, now living in New York

Leftover Cuties

 Leftover Cuties are a four-headed band from Venice , CA
 Produced by Tony Berg (Bob Dylan, Michael Penn, Jesca Hoop), their breezy, sophisticated songs evoke a magic-hour stroll on the beach with a special someone (facebook-info)

Friday, February 15, 2013


Who is NU?
Guess the language is hebrew, isn't it? .... very cool track but : Who is NU?

oh - we had this before here -   still waiting for an answer

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

JPOD the Beat Chef

JPOD the Beat Chef is a passionated beatmaker from British Columbia
His remixes combine unique dropkick drums, bobblehead bass and intelligent instrumentation  (from soundcloud, some downloads there...)

At his homepage you'll find a lot of free downloads in the Free Music- and Mixes-Section

Monday, February 11, 2013

Ralf Hildenbeutel

Ralf Hildenbeutel (born 1969 in Frankfurt, Germany) is a german producer, decisively involved in the formation of Trance as musicstyle. As a main member of the  Eye Q Records label, influencing  90 % of all trance releases in 1995, he produced all releases of DJ Sven Väth up to 1998 

Visit his homepage for uptodate-infos

B. Durazzo

B. (Benjamin) Durazzo is a producer/multi-instrumentalist from Oakland, CA. - dirty and hard-hitting percussion, tasty samples, drum beats - straight hip hop to the bone marrow

Three albums available -  FREE download  (support the artist, name your price)

Rams le Prince

Rams le Prince ( Schaffhausen, Switzerland)  is a  bigbeat / breakbeat / drum'n'bass one hit music producer & demoscener (from his website  - a lot of free downloads there...and also from soundcloud)


Soul Square

Three beatmakers from Nantes, France and one DJ from Paris -  Soul Square are Soulful-Jazzy-Hip-Hop sounds

FREE DOWNLOAD  of the first Soul Square project released in 2005 under the name Drum Brothers with12 US remixes.


Fisto is widly known in the french independent jazz-rap scene - his first solo album, produced by Soul Square, available as FREE DOWNLOAD

Greyboy Allstars

The Greyboy Allstars from San Diego were created in mid-90s acid jazz movement - sounds like a  funk- boogaloo-soul jazz combo with some acid jazz elements...

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Good Stuff For Free VI

Download this songs on a 10-track compilation with various artists from Riddim Fruit Records for free

1.       Humble Love - Kalamari Beats 04:35
2.       This is just a ride - The Allergies 04:36
3.       One Minute - B.Visible & Protone 03:09
4.       Cumbia Sabrosa - Billa Qause 03:27
5.       Cold Blooded Murder - Shimi Sonic 03:41
6.       Down South - Dropsteady Ft Butterfingers 03:31
7.       Dont Love With Hatred - Kil Emil 03:32
8.       Boy Mayers - Canosis 04:28
9.       Culture - El Bomba & Hidden Riddim 04:31
10.   Back Packers - Roast Beatz

Friday, February 8, 2013


  But he's also doing fine remixing - to be heard on his album Mwat Mwat also for FREE DOWNLOAD

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Zap Mama

Zap Mama is a Belgian musical group founded and led by Marie Daulne (born 1964 in Isiro, Zaire today the Democratic Republic of the Congo) - inspired and  influenced by Nu-Soul, Jazz, Reggae Hip Hop and elements of Pop